Meanwhile at the local Caltex…

When going down to your local Caltex fuel station, one must always be on the lookout just in case Craig Lowndes’ Triple 8 Race Engineering Team Vortex Holden makes an appearance.

Such was the case at a suburban Caltex fuel station just north of Brisbane with a Lowndes-branded car on display. The car itself had all the makings of the genuine machine that currently resides seventh in the 2017 Supercars Australia championship courtesy of Lowndes.

However, eagle-eyed Supercars fans could tell you that the Holden in question was merely a replica, the car lacking a roll-cage was one noticeable giveaway.


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Lowndes himself nor any of the other Triple 8 Race Engineering were on hand to show off the car although that notion couldn’t have been much of a stretch considering the championship’s most recent event was held at Ipswich last weekend.

Lowndes had failed to qualify higher than 18th in six of the last seven races before he qualified on the front row for the first race of the weekend. He took the lead on the run into turn 1, but was subsequently overtaken.

An undercutting strategy put the Team Vortex back in the lead however, such an early pit stop saw his tyres degrade and he slipped to fifth by race end. He would go on to finish sixth in Sunday’s race.

The next round of the Supercars Australia championship is set to get underway on 18—20 August.


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