LIVE: Sunday at Sandown


1st — Cameron WATERS/Richie STANAWAY Prodrive Racing

2nd — Scott MCLAUGHLIN/Alexandre PREMAT Team DJR Penske +0.675

3rd — Chaz MOSTERT/Steve OWEN Prodrive Racing +22.575

4th — Garth TANDER/James GOLDING Garry Rogers Motorsport +27.168

5th — Fabian COULTHARD/Tony D’ALBERTO Team DJR Penske +27.720

6th — Jamie WHINCUP/Paul DUMBRELL Red Bull Racing +36.396

7th — James MOFFAT/Richard MUSCAT Garry Rogers Motorsport +37.339

8th — Lee HOLDSWORTH/Karl REINDLER Preston Hire Racing +38.776

9th — Tim SLADE/Ash WALSH Freightliner Racing +42.519

10th — Mark WINTERBOTTOM/Dean CANTO Prodrive Racing +43.940

“Could not have dreamed of a better result. It feels surreal,” says Richie Stanaway.

Finish: Cameron Waters holds on to win the 2017 Sandown 500 just 0.67 seconds ahead of Scott McLaughlin. Chaz Mostert comes home third. Ford 1-2-3 at Sandown for the first time since 2004.

Final Lap: Garth Tander passes Fabian Coulthard for fourth.

Lap 124: The timer hits zero and the next lap will be the lasts. Waters is just 0.8 secs from McLaughlin heading into the last lap.

Lap 121: Waters begins lap 121 with just 4 minutes remaining in this motor race. McLaughlin is +1.2 seconds behind him in second.

Lap 112: As the race currently stands, McLaughlin will increase his lead in the championship from 12 to 84 points.

Lap 107: Huge lock-up for Shane van Gisbergan and he goes straight on at turn 1. Tyre deflation. Puncture on the right-front tyre. He’s been forced to pit.

Lap 100: Just 30 minutes remaining. Cameron Waters leads from McLaughlin, van Gisbergan, Mostert and Coulthard.

Lap 89: Scott McLaughlin pits. Can he emerge ahead of Waters? McLaughlin gets caught behind Rick Kelly exiting the pits and Waters retakes the lead.

Lap 88: Cameron Waters pits from the lead. Problems changing tyres, but he’s away now.

Lap 87: Matt Campbell pits. Driver change: Shane van Gisbergan jumps into the #97 Red Bull Holden.

Lap 79: Scott Pye drives straight into the garage.

Lap 78: James Courtney tries to overtake Scott Pye at turn 11. Pye comes off second best and drives through the grass.

Lap 75: Ash Walsh continues circulating in the #75 Freightliner Racing car. A bit of conjecture going around suggesting that he has done too many laps for a co-driver.

Lap 70: Todd Kelly suffers from an unusual problem. After running through the grass at turn 12, he’s picked up a passenger in the form of the foam Dunlop sign. It’s stuck to the front of the #7 Nissan and he can’t shake it off.

Lap 69: Right-front puncture for David Reynolds. He’s been forced to pit.

Lap 66: “It couldn’t have been much better than that,” says Richie Stanaway following a great stint at the helm of the #6 Prodrive Racing entry.

Lap 60: Steven Richards pits. Driver change: Craig Lowndes jumps into his #888 Caltex. All main series drivers are now back in their cars.

Lap 59: Dumbrell pits. Driver change: Jamie Whincup resumes command of the #88 Red Bull Holden.

Lap 56: Stanaway and Premat pit. Driver change: Cameron Waters jumps in for Stanaway. A host of other cars join them including Luff, Youldan and D’Alberto.

Lap 55: Matt Campbell pits.

Lap 52: Canto tries to overtake Youldan at turn 2 around the outside. He receives a bump and travels cross country, losing a spot to Perkins, who gets by Youldan at turn 6.

Lap 49: There is 90 minutes left in the 2017 Sandown 500. Dumbrell has dropped back down to 22nd place. Four-way arguement for 9th place between Youldan, Luff, Canto and Perkins. Correction—Luff has now made his way past Youldan for ninth and has begun to streak away.

Lap 41: Richie Stanaway overtakes Walsh for the lead of the Sandown 500. Walsh is still yet to stop,

Lap 35: Drama for Dumbrell! Effective-race-leader Dumbrell suffers a right-rear puncture on his Red Bull Holden. He’s had to stop for some new rubber.

Lap 32: There is 1 hour 50 minutes left in this motor race. Ash Walsh currently leads having not made a pit stop. Dumbrell is second followed by Stanaway, Premat and Campbell.

Lap 30: Alex Davison receives a black flag and a drive-through penalty for having the car released in an unsafe condition. The team will also be deducted 30 championship points and a $5000 fine.

Lap 25: Steven Richards pits.

Lap 22: Shane van Gisbergan overtakes Premat around the outside at turn 10 before both cars duck straight into the pits. Premat emerges in front as Matt Campbell jumps into the #97 Red Bull.

Lap 21: D’Alberto and Youldan pit.

Lap 20: Richie Stanaway pits from the lead and is followed by Dumbrell in second. A brilliant stop by Red Bull allows Dumbrell to emerge ahead of the Kiwi.

Lap 19: Having just completed a pit stop, the right rear tyre of Alex Davison’s car has fallen off along the track. Dean Canto pits and so does Steve Owen, serving his penalty in the process.

Lap 17: Owen receives a 5-second penalty for that bold move on Youldan.

Lap 16: Alex Davison slides straight off the road at turn 1.

Lap 15: Paul Dumbrell overtakes Premat into turn 1 for second place.

Lap 14: Steve Owen attempts a moves on Youldan at turn 9 which forces Youldan off the track.

Lap 13: Tony D’Alberto passes Pither into turn 1 for seventh.

Lap 12: Another Red Bull Holden hounds a DJR Penske car, van Gisbergan dives down the inside of Tony D’Alberto at turn 9 and then immediately goes inside Chris Pither for sixth at turn 10.

Lap 9: Dumbrell hounds Premat. He dives down the inside at turn 9, out-brakes himself and Premat is back through.

Lap 8: Steve Owen overtakes Chris Pither for fifth place.

Lap 6: Cautious restart. Top five cars remain in the same order.

Lap 5: Still under safety car, Stanaway leads from Premat, Dumbrell, Youldan, Pither. Lowndes enters the pits for a driver change. Steven Richards takes control of the #888 Caltex.

Lap 4: Race re-started under safety car. 2 laps of safety car followed by a restart. 2 hours 25 minutes left in this race. It may yet be cut short by time constraints.

Red Flag: After a lengthy delay to repair the tyre barriers at turn 6, we are three minutes away from restarting this race under safety car.


Lap 4: The damage created by Douglas’ crash is bad enough to warrant a red flag!

Lap 1: Taz Douglas flies straight into the wall at turn 6. Heavy contact. Race over for the Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport driver. SAFETY CAR.

Start: Stanaway gets away in the lead ahead of Premat, Dumbrell and Youldan. Dean Canto gets spun at turn 4 by Jack Perkins. Taz Douglas gets into the back of Ash Walsh and he’s also around at the same point.

Grid: 1st #6 Prodrive—Cameron WATERS/Richie STANAWAY, 2nd #17 DJR Penske—Scott MCLAUGHLIN/Alexandre PREMAT, 3rd #9 Erebus—David REYNOLDS/Luke YOULDAN, 4th #88 Red Bull Holden—Jamie WHINCUP/Paul DUMBRELL, 5th #55 Supercheap Auto—Chaz MOSTERT/Steve OWEN


1:11 pm: Only 4 minutes until race start. Shane van Gisbergan will start in the #97 Red Bull Holden and Craig Lowndes will start in the #888.

1:00 pm: The 2017 Sandown 500 is 15 minutes away! Looks as if most, if not all co-drivers will start the race.

FINISH: Jack Le Brocq takes the win here at Sandown ahead of Fullwood, Paul Dumbrell, who started 11th. Jack Perkins has fought through from 21st to take fifth here behind Davies and Josh Kean. Todd Hazelwood comes home eighth.

Lap 15: Time will settle this one due to the number of Safety Cars. FINAL LAP. Davies puts Macauley Jones into a spin at turn 10 (UPDATE: Davies received a penalty causing him to lose fourth place).

Lap 14: RESTART. Macauley Jones makes another move into turn 1 off the restart, this time passing Shae Davies. Just behind Josh Kean goes inside Kurt Kostecki at turn 4.

Lap 12: De Pasquale falls into the clutches of Andrew Jones. Jones attempts an overtake and receives a hit from behind, putting him in a spin. There’s another car in the gravel trap. Contact between Jack Smith and Adam Marjoram at turn 9 has left the latter beached. SAFETY CAR.

Lap 8: Anton de Pasquale spins at the final corner.

Lap 7: Shae Davies tries to overtake Bryce Fullwood for second at turn 11 around the outside. The pair touch and Davies slides off the track.

Lap 4: At the restart, Macauley Jones tries to overtake Garry Jacobson into turn 1, but similar to de Pasquale and Hazelwood they both take a trip through the gravel.

Start: Everyone gets away well. De Pasquale and Hazelwood go into turn 1 side-by-side, but de Pasquale locks up and sends them both off the road. Fullwood also got away well and tucked in behind the front two. He momentarily takes the lead, but Jack Le Brocq slides past at turn 2. Jake Kostecki and Richard Muscat both drive into the wall at the exit of turn 2. SAFETY CAR!

11:55 am: The Super 2 Series is about to begin! Anton de Pasquale starts on pole followed by Todd Hazelwood, who had a huge accident yesterday in the first qualifying race for the main category, Jack Le Brocq, Bryce Fullwood and Shae Davies.

11:30 am: Welcome to Everything Auto’s Live Coverage of the 2017 Supercars Sandown 500!


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