FANTASY LEAGUE: Update on Trade Window and Force India

A message to all Fantasy League players from Everything Auto regarding the state of play:

Hello to all of our Fantasy League players!

We are taking this moment to tell all of our players that the Fantasy League 2018 Trade Window has officially closed.

All players’ teams have now been officially locked in for the second half of the 2018 Formula 1 season.

The announcement that Force India Formula One Team Limited have completed the sale of the business and its assets to Lawrence Stroll’s consortium, now known as Racing Point UK Limited presents an issue for players.

All points scored by teams with Vijay Mallya will keep their accumulated points. All teams that have Mallya on their roster will be informed by email that they can either elect to stay with Force India and score points through Racing Point Force India F1 team principal Otmar Szafnauer or change team principals for the remainder of the season.

Under the official rules and regulations, “any change to a Team Owner’s personnel will result in the Team Owner incurring a points deduction for their trade”. However under such extreme circumstances, any player that elects to exchange Mallya for another team principal will NOT incur such a penalty.

With all this in mind, we hope you enjoy the 2018 Belgian Grand Prix!

Good luck!
Everything Auto.


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